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Believers in traditional food preparation, ecological farming, trade without money and living a waste-free lifestyle. | We are all about thoughtful consumerism.

We produce organic, waste-free, vegetables, fruits, flowers, pastured eggs and raw milk and provide our produce directly to people and restaurants. No middle-man.

We forage wild foods, hunt wild game and hand-milk our cow.

We make long-ferment sourdough bread, raw dairy products, natural wine, pickles and preserves.

We run workshops and dinners, consult and speak about real food, traditional ecological food-raising and pre-industrial food preparation.

We love living like this and we couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Blog summaries

Spiced fig marmalade


Spiced fig marmalade

Every year, around this time of year, there are figs and apples out of control. We talk about preserving, and how you just have so much of everything. It sometimes feels like a mountain that you can’t climb.

So this year we decide to just make enough, not to harvest and preserve every last bit. Just make enough.

And the experience feels nice. We have enough to give and enough to keep.

This will be our last batch of jam from this farm, as we move on. Many people have asked where we are going next, and what we are doing. And at last we are excited to tell you. We are travelling for a little while longer, in May we are off to Italy for 2 ½ months, where we hope to eat all of the food and see lots of Mediterranean growing/produce! And then, when we get back to Australia, we will start a new little farm on the other side of Victoria, where we will make our new home. It will be a smaller space, a humbler space, but we hope even more bountiful. We are super excited for all of the experiences ahead, to learn more, to grow more (no pun intended) and live more.

And it feels fitting to make one last jam here, a recipe we have made in this house so many times - adapted time and time again (you can find the original/base recipe and preserving instructions in our book).

We played around with it a bit this year, specifically for figs – and this is our best fig-jam combination yet. We also altered the cooking times a little, as it seems figs just get better with time – a longer, slower cook, makes it “jammier” and more flavoursome. The key is the orange, as we aren’t into the super/hyper sweetness of the figs and it just adds a little bit of bitterness that balances the whole thing out. And the spices add warmth.

For Easter, we will be having this on toast (or maybe on hot cross buns) with a cup of tea – we like to keep it simple. We know this post isn’t all chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns, but for us, this is what this time of year is all about – harvesting and preserving. Happy Easter.

Click here to read the full post and get the recipe.

Win: Double pass to Fancy Hanks x Grown & Gathered dinner!


Don't forget to enter!

This Melbourne Food and Wine Festival we are throwing a super fun Fancy Hanks x Grown & Gathered dinner on Monday 3rd April 6-10pm and we are giving away one double pass worth $226!

TO WIN: Simply share on Instagram a photo of you with / reading / using / growing from / eating from / making something from the Grown & Gathered book! Share the photo, along with @grownandgathered #gandgliving to be in the running!*

It will be an epic feast, including sustainable meats, salads from our book and wild ferment wine by us! Matt (G&G) and Mikey (Fancy Hanks) will be chatting about what sustainable meat really means.

ALTERNATIVELY, just grab your ticket here right now, the old fashioned way :)

*T&C's: Entries close Friday 31st March at 4pm. Winner drawn (at random from all valid entries) and announced (notified via instagram messenger, so keep an eye out!) the same day by 8pm. 

Miso roasted whole vegetables + giveaway + autumn gardening tips


Miso roasted zucchini, squash & pumpkin

Something that has been coming up in our conversations a lot is generosity. While we travel it’s amazing the generosity you see – and conversely, the lack of generosity you see (one woman made us pay $4 to fill our water up from her outdoor tap hahah). And there is an absolute passion, love and kindness from those who are generous – it’s universal.

As we always talk about with trade, when you trade, or when you share your abundance, it really opens you up to the world – you exchange ideas, you shareAnd that is what being human is about.

For much of this post, the vegetables were supplied by this amazing older man selling his organic produce on the side of the road. We only had $4 cash, but wanted to spend it on what he had grown. We talked and talked and he was insistent that we left with almost half the shop! Handfuls of organic apples, squash, potatoes, plums, pumpkin…

And he has no idea how he not only made our day, but our month, our trip. He has no idea we are writing about him. And that’s the beauty of it.

So this post is inspired by him. Not only the vegetables, but the idea of sharing. This is a side dish, to be shared with other food, to be shared with those you love.

This recipe uses the pumpkins that are just being harvested (eating a new season vegetable that you haven’t had fresh for a while is always exciting!) and helps to savour the last of the zucchinis and squash of the season. It’s also super great for everyone, as it’s gluten free, vegetarian and can be adapted to be vegan and dairy-free also (simple omit the parmesan cheese). It is super quick and easy, and super rewarding as it’s a deliciously umami and warming dish.

P.S. Upcoming event! This Melbourne Food and Wine Festival we are throwing a super fun Fancy Hanks x Grown and Gathered dinner on Monday 3rd April 6-10pm!

It will be an epic feast, including sustainable meats, salads from our book and wild ferment wine by us! Matt (G&G) and Mikey (Fancy Hanks) will be chatting about what sustainable meat really means.

TICKETS: Grab a ticket here or enter our competition to win a double pass worth $226. 

Read the full post, get the recipe and find out how to win here.

Easiest cake in the world! Simple red bean cake.


Simple red bean cake

This cake is a creation from the road, inspired by having few ingredients and minimal equipment. So it's really easy. Literally you just mix ingredients together and bake! It's also great for kids lunch boxes and is dairy-free, gluten-free, and refined-sugar-free. It's a winner.

We have been on the road for a little over a month now, and it's inspiring us in a whole new way. Just being inspired by the food we find, that's local and what we have at any given time, is making us create things we wouldn't normally at home. We made this cake while we were staying in this little cabin in the bush, just before we hit the road again - so we could have an on-road snack! To be honest, I wasn't 100% sure if it would work seeing as we had so few ingredients, we didn't even have a baking tin, and we were working with a wood-fired oven, with no temperature gauge, but surprisingly, we came up with a pretty fool-proof and delicious cake.

To be honest, I wasn't sure whether to call it a cake, pudding, or brownie (and I'm still feeling conflicted ha). In essence it's a little bit like a pudding in flavour and texture - but a little more cake-like as an experience! 

We used red beans (adzuki beans), which makes a very specific flavour. We also recipe tested it with black beans, which worked just as well, it just had a slightly different flavour and was a much darker coloured cake. We have had it hot and cold and have put it in our nieces and nephews lunch boxes, and it's been a winner all round. Let us know your favourite version!

Click here to read the full post and get the recipe.


Be inspired - competition reminder


Competition reminder

Want to be inspired to live a little? Or live a little more?

Well don't forget we are giving away 5 x DVD's of the brilliant film "Captain Fantastic", which we guarantee will do just that. Check out the trailer here.

All you have to do to enter is head to the shop, add an "I want to win a Captain Fantastic DVD!" to your cart and check out. That simple.

Good luck x

Vegetable & fish curry, a giveaway, and pictures from the road


Vegetable & fish curry

As I write this, I am sitting on the banks of a river (terrified I am going to get sand in my computer, not going to lie). It's just us (Matt, me and Pepper), a fire-pit and our little van behind me.

We hit the road a week or two ago, as a part of our plan for 2017 to start to take things a bit slower, to be more present and make sure we are only doing things we care about everyday. 

Since being on the road it's taken me 3 hours to make and eat breakfast + coffee daily, and I have realised that I am not a morning person - and I don't care. We have also taken up playing squash (you know, that game from the 80's where you hit a small not-so-bouncy ball against a wall?), I have started taking photos with my film camera again, swimming often, and our meals have been increasingly inventive based on what we have at the time. Turns out these are the things I care about.

At any one time in the car, our food consists of a mixture of: food from the farm (preserves, ferments, and other stable foods such as - potatoes, pumpkins etc); vegetables/fruit/eggs from the roadside, a local market we pass by or a friends garden; and local/seasonal foods from wherever we are (if we are at the ocean, we eat fish, in the tropics, we eat coconuts - you catch the drift).

We just hit the northern coast of NSW, and it's all about oysters, fish and sub-tropical fruits. It's hot, and perfectly, this is what our bodies are craving. So we got some fish, coconut (not quite that far north but this is about as close as we're gonna get this trip!) and limes (turns out there really aren't lemons around here, it's all about the limes!) locally, we had some pumpkin and spices from the farm, our friends gave us loads of tomatoes and chillies from their garden - and we used it all to make this simple curry. We have made many things on the road, but this is the favourite dish so far.

Click here to see the full post and get the recipe.

P.S. This week we are giving away 5 DVD's of the movie "Captain Fantastic" which may in fact be our favourite movie ever made! It is about living life, living it well, and living off the land. 

All you have to do is head TO THE SHOP PAGE, add an entry to your shopping cart and when you're done shopping, head to the check-out! Easy as. 

Movie details: A father devoted to teaching his six kids how to live off-the-grid in the forests of America is forced to bring his family back into mainstream society, challenging his idea of what it means to be a parent. Viggo Mortensen stars in the hilarious and heartfelt Captain Fantastic.

You can watch the trailer/read more about the movie here. Good luck!

Summer Bloody Mary + music!


Summer Bloody Mary + music!

This is a blog post, to remind you to have fun these holidays.

Christmas tension can get high and it's so easy to forget that the reason we have these holidays is to relax, celebrate, and share with each other.

To remind you, we have put together a Summertime Bloody Mary recipe - because let's be honest, you can drink this cocktail at any time of the day and it has all the vegetables in it, so it's basically a healthy way to drink this holiday season... right? (#drinkresponsibly). We have also included a little playlist for the holiday season of some songs on repeat at our house. Enjoy this with your Christmas cooking or Bloody Mary drinking!

And for extra fun this week, the lovely Kelsey Hutchinson illustrated the recipe for you. What a legend :-) Thanks Kelsey & Merry Christmas everyone.

Read the full post & get the recipe here!

Free shipping + thank you


Thanks so much for being a part of our community! 

To say thanks, we are giving you a $13 discount on shipping (which for most of you means free standard shipping!) on all items where shipping applies in our store until the end of December!  

Just use the coupon SUBSCRIBER 144029 at the checkout! 

P.S. In case you missed it, we not only have the book and our seasonal charts in our store, we now have oat rollers, greeting cards, Stanley flasks and gift vouchers!

Want your items to arrive in time for Christmas?

Within Australia: Please order before the 20th (standard shipping) or 22nd (express shipping) of December.
International: Please use the postage calculator here:

New items in the shop! Greeting cards, oat rollers, stanleys & vouchers!


new items in the shop! Greeting cards, oat rollers, stanleys & vouchers! 

We are super excited to announce we have just released a range of new items on the shop page just in time for Christmas!

We've teamed up with the lovely folks at Dad's Oats to bring you the very same oat roller we use at home, got in touch with our Grandpa-side to stock the legendary tough Stanley flasks we use everyday, and have designed a cute range of veggie greeting cards printed on 100% recycled stock with veggie inks to make the festive season just that little bit easier on the environment.

We have also released gift vouchers for the first time, something you've all been asking us to get happening for way too long! Sorry about the wait.

Head on over to the shop page to check out the new goods & order before Christmas! 

*NOTE: Make sure you order before the 20th December (standard shipping) or 22nd December (express shipping) to make sure your items arrive in time for Christmas! 

Everyone cookies: Pumpkin, cacao & almond + favourite books


Everyone cookies: Pumpkin, cacao & almond

So, there are two reasons we have called these "everyone cookies". 
1) They pretty much are everything free: they're vegan, refined-sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, grain-free. So almost everyone can enjoy them. And,
2) They are super easy. Even if you can't bake or are too busy to bake, you can make these.

We started making these when we went on the book tour, as we needed something super quick to put together, something we could take with us and also something that we could eat knowing it was full of all the good things. We are also big fans of a cookie and a coffee for breakfast, especially when we are in a bit of a hurry, and these work as a good, wholesome breakfast cookie. So to us they tick all the boxes as an everyone cookie.

They are a mix of soft, a little chewy  and just the right amount of sweet - and we also have a fun trick to make them perfectly crunchy. You feel like you ate something wholesome, but still feel slightly guilty, all at the same time!

Read the full post and get the recipe here.

Mustard carrots, cauliflower & lentils + launch love


Mustard carrots, cauliflower & lentils + launch love

On Saturday we officially launched our little book into the world. It was a truly incredible night for us, surrounded by beautiful friends, family and supporters. We honestly couldn't have imagined a more amazing night and wish you all could have fit into the amazing Pope Joan to help us celebrate. 

For those who couldn't be there, Lentil shed some tears, we were truly overwhelmed by the love in the room, there were lots of spring flowers from the farm, an abundance of wine - including our own, food from our book (including a cake table, who doesn't love a cake table!), and lots of shared stories around the creation of the book.

Because you couldn't all be there, this week we are sharing a recipe for an awesome spring salad that we all enjoyed at the launch, one from the book. So you can create it at home, share it with your family, and feel like you were there too!

Read the full post and get the recipe here.

It's party time


The book has hit the shelves, help us share it!

We are so excited that the Grown & Gathered book has finally been released and we want to thank you all for your amazing support and beautiful words so far! If you have a copy in your hands by now, and you love it as much as we hope you do, please spread the word to all your friends and family that you think will love it too.

And don't forget, we'd love to join in your cooking, fermenting, trading and growing adventures, so please hash-tag your fun:

@grownandgathered #grownandgathered #thebook

Launch party!

To celebrate the release, we've teamed up with the lovely Pope Joan to hatch a Grown & Gathered fiesta like never before on SATURDAY OCTOBER 22ND. We will be bringing the farm to Brunswick East with beautiful natural wines, ciders and beers from our mates, a feast of delicious food cooked straight out of the book to share in, great tunes, even greater company and yeah probably some fire.

We will be signing copies of the book, and copies will be available for sale.

So come on down, say g'day, give us a cuddle and help us celebrate the 96,000 words that nearly killed us. Tickets very limited so get in fast if you don't want to miss out!

COST $15 Tickets available on the shop page.
WHERE Pope Joan, 79 Nicholson St, Brunswick E.
WHEN Saturday October 22nd, 4-7PM.
FOOD Stand up, super casual share food to whet the appetite without spoiling your dinner.
DRINKS Natural wines, homemade ginger beer, valencia orange spritzers, super tasty co-op cider from the legends at Faire Ferments, and tap beer by Sample Brew. Drinks $5.

See you there!

Wild hare ragù


Wild hare ragù

Little do you know (actually I'm pretty sure you've all long assumed, and quite rightly) that Lentil is the primary voice behind our stories. But this week I (Matt) am stepping in to talk about one dish that is mine and mine alone.

*Please note, we know you can't all hunt for hare. You will find it at all good produce markets and often at farmers markets OR replace it with a stewing cut of beef with bones in.

For us, part of living here is being in touch with the shifting patterns of wild foods and we have dedicated a whole chapter in the book to it. Gathering wild food is such an incredibly rewarding act. Without wanting to state the obvious, there is something just so primal about it, and the hunt for wild delights, whether plant, animal or fungi (or mineral!), brings your whole being alive in a way few things seem to. Just like when you raise your own animals, taking a small, wild life always sucks, no matter how many times you do it. It doesn't feel 'bad', it happens quite naturally, but I wouldn't say it's a pleasure. But it's incredibly rewarding to have control over how that life ends and to know that there was no suffering. That it was quick, efficient and painless. In this case it is also rewarding to know that you are helping to control an introduced animal.

Wild meats tend to be leaner than farmed meats and will often turn out tough and dry if cooked too fast or for too long. In this way they are just like secondary cuts in general. But despite this, both wild meats and these so called 'secondary' cuts have always been prized in traditional cuisines for their incredible flavour. I guess it all comes down to the cooking.

When you break it down, this recipe is really just a great demonstration of the kind of humble stewing technique that is the backbone of those same cuisines. A technique that always guaranteed tender results no matter what tough or wild cut you could get your hands on.

Read the full post and get the recipe here.

Oat crackers


Oat crackers

It turns out that having crackers makes everything easy and delicious... Crackers + wine + pate + pickles + dips = Easy meal.

How do we know? Because while we were making our book (sneak peak from inside it right there above) we paired these crackers with pate, rillettes (potted meat) and dill pickles (all recipes inside the book!) for the shoot - and behind the scenes, as we took photos, prepared food for shoots and wrote page after page that we can't wait to share with you in September, we pretty much ate everything on crackers to keep us going throughout the day (and night).

These are an absolute saviour when you are busy. They only involve about 5 minutes preparation time (the rest is all soaking and cooking) and the grain, as always with us, is pre-soaked with an acid to make it more digestible and nutrient dense (they have all the enzyme inhibitors/'bad stuff' deactivated). So you know that when you're too busy or tired to cook, these quick snacks or meals, are actually giving you a load of wholesome nutrition.

Read the full post and get the recipe here.

Sneak peek inside the book!


Sneak peek inside the book!

It is with child-like excitement that we bring you the very first peek inside the very first copy of our very first book! The countdown is on.

Grown & Gathered - Traditional living made modern, will be officially released on September 27 through Plum Publishing. This book has been without a doubt the hardest, but also the most rewarding thing we have ever created, and we couldn't be more excited (and proud) to share it with you!

The last 12 months for us have been completely full of writing and re-writing, testing and re-testing, questioning, researching, documenting and perfecting what feels like our entire body of shared knowledge about all the things we do, know, and believe in - living with the seasons, growing, gathering, raising animals, trading, cooking, preserving and eating!

Our goal was to write you all a practical guide to all of these traditional skills that we feel are so essential to living well, that was super easy to follow, practical and achievable for everyday living. And for absolutely anyone, anywhere. And we got so excited we wrote 352 pages for you all!

Pre-orders are available on the shop page now and all pre-orders will be signed by us before we post them out to arrive on the 27th of September!

Click here to see the full post including over 30 never before seen images of the first copy to hit Australian shores!

Cover reveal! Plus roast beets, citrus & horseradish



Sometimes things can seem pretty dark and grey in winter and that can really bring us down. This super simple, light and refreshing salad has been exactly what we've needed to brighten those dark, wet days. Even winter can be delicious. 

A couple of weeks ago, on a rare sunny day, we harvested some of our fresh horseradish. Growing fresh horseradish has been a bit of a revelation. Fresh, it is so much less pungent and intense than the prepared versions. It’s lighter and more refreshing, but still with hints of that familiar punch. And it is so good freshly grated over almost anything at this time of year.

Read the full post and get the recipe here.

Cover Reveal.jpg


The release of our new book Grown & Gathered - Traditional living made modern, is just around the corner (September 27!) so it is time we gave you all your first peek!

The making of the book has been one of the hardest and most rewarding experiences of our lives so far - and we wrote it for you! We can't wait to share all of our gardening, foraging, animal raising, trading and of course preserving and cooking secrets with you all.

We are now open to pre-orders! So head over to the shop page and place yours now if you want one of the first (and signed) copies delivered fresh off the press in September. Then stay tuned - we'll be bringing you a peek inside very soon. Excited!

Nettle & slippery jack soup



This week we bring you a wild cure-all soup to bring you strength for these winter days. For this post, I don’t want to say too much – because I think the photos speak a thousand words. It’s that time of year again, where we live and breathe wild mushrooms - picking them, delivering them, eating them, preserving them, dreaming about them. It’s quiet, it’s cold, and it’s a special time of the year.

What I will say, is that we have been talking a lot about keeping “well” at the moment, not doing too much, staying warm for winter and eating nourishing foods. And this quick soup fits right into that. It’s absolutely not complicated, made from ingredients that are prolific in the wild around us, and is something you can throw together super quickly, while still being super nourishing and warming.

We see this as a cure-all soup: stinging nettles are an amazingly earthy wild green, prolific at the moment and incredibly cleansing; slippery jack mushrooms are one of the most delicious mushrooms in our forest, with a beautiful spongy texture, a bit like porcini; and chicken stock is a truly ancient food that has been keeping people well for millennia, rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish everything from your heart to your immune system.

Read the full post and get the recipe here.

Cucumber kimchi



You will notice that this newsletter looks a little different! We had a few requests to make our posts easier to read in your inbox, and we agreed. We hope you like it!

We are little bit obsessed with fermentation, in particular fermented cucumbers seem to be one of our favourites! Last year we put up our fermented dill pickle recipe, which truly is one of the most popular recipes in our house, and we eat them non-stop throughout winter. I think it’s because in the depths of winter, eating a fermented, crisp cucumber tastes so delicious and fresh, at a time when you seem to be eating basically all cooked food.

So this year we have been experimenting with cucumber kimchi - which combines two of our favourite things together: Cucumbers + kimchi. Fermentation is super good for you – this style of preserving, preserves all of the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in the vegetables and additionally adds lots of good bacteria, to help maintain gut and immune health. We try to have something fermented with every meal, especially coming into winter and throughout it, to keep us well as it begins to get so cold.

This recipe makes a vegan, crunchy cucumber kimchi, with a little sourness from the lactic-acid (good) bacteria and is medium-hot! Adjust as desired!  

Read the full post here

P.S. We are running a pickling and preserving workshop in Melbourne, Sunday April 17th. Come along! We will talk you through preserving with the seasons - bottling (preserving with heat) and fermentation (preserving for health!). Click here for tickets