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Believers in traditional food preparation, ecological farming, trade without money and living a waste-free lifestyle. | We are all about thoughtful consumerism.

We produce organic, waste-free, vegetables, fruits, flowers, pastured eggs and raw milk and provide our produce directly to people and restaurants. No middle-man.

We forage wild foods, hunt wild game and hand-milk our cow.

We make long-ferment sourdough bread, raw dairy products, natural wine, pickles and preserves.

We run workshops and dinners, consult and speak about real food, traditional ecological food-raising and pre-industrial food preparation.

We love living like this and we couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Blog summaries

Miso roasted whole vegetables + giveaway + autumn gardening tips


Miso roasted zucchini, squash & pumpkin

Something that has been coming up in our conversations a lot is generosity. While we travel it’s amazing the generosity you see – and conversely, the lack of generosity you see (one woman made us pay $4 to fill our water up from her outdoor tap hahah). And there is an absolute passion, love and kindness from those who are generous – it’s universal.

As we always talk about with trade, when you trade, or when you share your abundance, it really opens you up to the world – you exchange ideas, you shareAnd that is what being human is about.

For much of this post, the vegetables were supplied by this amazing older man selling his organic produce on the side of the road. We only had $4 cash, but wanted to spend it on what he had grown. We talked and talked and he was insistent that we left with almost half the shop! Handfuls of organic apples, squash, potatoes, plums, pumpkin…

And he has no idea how he not only made our day, but our month, our trip. He has no idea we are writing about him. And that’s the beauty of it.

So this post is inspired by him. Not only the vegetables, but the idea of sharing. This is a side dish, to be shared with other food, to be shared with those you love.

This recipe uses the pumpkins that are just being harvested (eating a new season vegetable that you haven’t had fresh for a while is always exciting!) and helps to savour the last of the zucchinis and squash of the season. It’s also super great for everyone, as it’s gluten free, vegetarian and can be adapted to be vegan and dairy-free also (simple omit the parmesan cheese). It is super quick and easy, and super rewarding as it’s a deliciously umami and warming dish.

P.S. Upcoming event! This Melbourne Food and Wine Festival we are throwing a super fun Fancy Hanks x Grown and Gathered dinner on Monday 3rd April 6-10pm!

It will be an epic feast, including sustainable meats, salads from our book and wild ferment wine by us! Matt (G&G) and Mikey (Fancy Hanks) will be chatting about what sustainable meat really means.

TICKETS: Grab a ticket here or enter our competition to win a double pass worth $226. 

Read the full post, get the recipe and find out how to win here.