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Believers in traditional food preparation, ecological farming, trade without money and living a waste-free lifestyle. | We are all about thoughtful consumerism.

We produce organic, waste-free, vegetables, fruits, flowers, pastured eggs and raw milk and provide our produce directly to people and restaurants. No middle-man.

We forage wild foods, hunt wild game and hand-milk our cow.

We make long-ferment sourdough bread, raw dairy products, natural wine, pickles and preserves.

We run workshops and dinners, consult and speak about real food, traditional ecological food-raising and pre-industrial food preparation.

We love living like this and we couldn’t imagine it any other way.


We are Matt & Lentil and
we believe that health and happiness come from real, traditional food, a warm
home and a mastery of
life's fundamentals.

  • We are gardeners, farmers, authors and educators and we'd love to share our skills with you. 
  • We farm 6 acres of vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat, eggs and dairy and supply our produce directly to restaurants & people.
  • We do our best not to create waste. Instead we feed it to our farm – collecting it, composting it and returning it to our soil. It’s about returning more nutrients than we take out. We call it closed-loop farming.
  • We make raw cheeses, natural wines, long-ferment sourdough bread, cured-meats, preserves and fermented pickles, forage wild foods seasonally, hunt wild game and hand-milk our cow.
  • We love to trade without money. It began with a year long project called The flower exchange - where we didn't sell a single flower for a whole year...and haven't since.
  • And we consult, write and speak about traditional food preparation and preservation, ecological farming, trade without money and how we can all live a more sustainable life.

We believe.

  • We believe in the wisdom of the past. How things got done before chemicals, plastics and the very idea of waste existed.
  • We believe in living thoughtfully. Knowing where things come from and where they end up.
  • We believe in building community in the traditional "I can touch and smell you" sense. And in the simple, real happiness that brings.
  • We believe sustainability IS A REAL THING. We have more than 3 times the agricultural land needed to feed, clothe and house the potential 11 billion person 'peak' expected to hit the planet and we have the wisdom to manage it wisely.
  • We believe ecological farms like ours can produce everything we need and restore the environment at the same time.
  • We believe we can all make choices for our shared world and collective health and happiness. Sustainability is everyone's responsibility and everyone does make a difference.
  • We believe in prioritising life’s fundamentals - health, food, happiness and creating a home. Let's cook from scratch, understand what wholesome, real food is, live with the seasons and know our neighbours.
  • We believe organic farming should simply be called farming. It's got 60,000 colourful years of history compared to 100 years of synthetic food-raising.
  • We believe everyone should grow some of their own food. Even if it's just a pot of basil. There is no more powerful an act.
  • We do not believe in self-sufficiency - we believe in the village where everyone has something to contribute and everyone has something to share. No man is an island and you just can't do everything yourself. And so...
  • We believe that trade without the exchange of money should be a component of every persons life. We LOVE trading and trade as much as we can, whenever we can. If you'd like to trade, please get in touch.
  • And we believe that if everyone would just begin to eat truly local food that has been grown under the sun, without the use of chemicals and greenhouses, the world would be just SO MUCH closer to that better place.
  • We believe we can do this. But only if we do it together.

Frequently asked questions.


Sustainability means the end of waste. A sustainable world would be a world where we don’t create new inputs, where all compostable waste is returned to the soil and all “hard” waste is fully repurposed. A sustainable world is a closed-loop.


Yes we do! We believe it’s the best way for the environment but also for your body. We get so excited when new things come in season and we get so excited when we get to open our preserved jars in winter. We love it.


We eat mainly vegetables and fruits, lots of whole grains and beans and a little meat and dairy. We're definitely not scared of fat unless it's masquerading as margarine. We mill all of our grains fresh and ferment them before eating. We soak all our beans and other legumes before eating. We preserve and ferment fresh foods when they are abundantly in season. So our meals are generally the product of that: grains, beans, veg and some meat and cheese with a little something pickled and a little something sweet.


Yes. We eat little bits of very good, well produced meat:
Waste bones from local, sustainable meat producers.
- "Homegrown" meat that we've traded.
- Raise our own.
- And when we need to, we hunt our own from the wild.


Yes!!! Seriously, the rewards trade brings are inexplicable until you've experienced them. Get in touch. We'd love to trade with you.


The world is the world and incidental plastic always sneaks into our life (and that makes us a bit sad). But we do our best and no waste is generated in the management of our farm or the making of our products. Our farm is a closed loop from planting to harvest to fertilising and planting again and all our packaging is recycled, reusable or compostable.

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